Katie Bolam Research Award

The Katie Bolam Research Award is to support innovative research in haemostasis and thrombosis. The competition is open to everyone interested in the field.

The Award

We are pleased to introduce the award which will not only provide a grant of £5000 for the research project, but  additionally provide a comprehensive review of research projects by an expert clinical panel, the support for setting up of a subsequent funding application including, IRAS, R&D, management and administration of the study.  Support from the SACC steering committee for publication will also be provided as required.


1st September 2018 – Start of project submission period

30th November 2018 – Deadline for submission application

29th December 2018 – Notice to candidates selected for presentation

17th January 2019 – 5 min presentation of 3 selected projects

17th January 2019– Award Ceremony, awardee announcement


Dr Suthesh Sivapalaratnam- Award Lead

Prof Roopen Arya

Prof Mike Laffan

Prof John Pasi

Dr Savita Rangarajan


Please follow the link for application process and eligibility criteria. 


Check out on last year winner