Application process and eligibility:

Application process

To take part candidates must prepare a poster in PDF format, in English, with the following information:

  • Project details (title, duration, estimated cost)
  • Project abstract (background, objectives/hypothesis, methods, expectations, timelines, bibliography)

Additionally applicants must submit:

  • CV of candidate (personal information, supervisor, institution, details of professional position)
  • Letter of recommendation from the applicants supervisor (clinical supervisor or line manager)

 Please submit your application via email to:

Eligibility/conditions of participation:

Clinicians and scientists with innovative ideas in haemostasis and thrombosis are invited to submit their application.

Applicants must present a focused project with goals that can be achieved within a maximum of 12 months.

The participant agrees to personally attend the Award Ceremony.

The participant agrees that SACC will be acknowledged in any publications arising from the supported work.

The participant agrees that payment of the award will only be transferred from SACC to the institution that employs the participants, SACC will not transfer any payment directly to participants.

The participant agrees to provide SACC with interim and end of study report.


Appraisal criteria:

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific merit (methodology, expected outcome, feasibility)
  • Innovation
  • Clinical impact (contribution of project to improving patient care)
  • Research environment (how research will be embedded)