About us

What is the SACC?

The Scientific and Academic Coagulation Consortium (SACC) is a formal affiliation enabling collaborative research between clinicians who are experts in their field.

Chaired by Professor Mike Laffan (Imperial College and the Hammersmith Hospital, UK) the SACC meets as a formal board twice yearly and on an adhoc basis for specific project requirements. Membership is by invitation from the chair and seconded by a current member.

The ethos of SACC is to deliver innovative, high quality research with outcomes that will shape and progress care for patients with inherited and acquired coagulation disorders.

Who we are

The current membership represents all areas of coagulation medicine including clinical practice, academia, diagnostics, nursing and therapies.

Although the majority of members are based in the UK, the SACC has international reach and the capability to deliver global research with established and emerging markets.

The SACC has a core Steering Committee to ensure we are able to rapidly respond to proposals and commence the contracting process. The Steering committee is comprised of; Professor Mike Laffan, Professor Roopen Arya, Professor John Pasi and Dr Savita Rangarajan.

In addition, SACC collaborates with colleagues from clinically adjacent specialities including: cardiology, stroke, rheumatology, hepatobillary, orthopaedics, oncology, obstetrics and gynaecology.

What we offer

  • A unique research environment of collaboration with motivated clinicians supported by anĀ  administrative team trained in coagulation trials management.
  • Comprehensive reviews of research projects by an expert clinical panel with patient representation.
  • Administrative support for Investigator Initiated Research.
  • Identification and commitment of appropriate sites for commercial clinical trials.
  • Research design and statistical analysis.
  • Implementation, delivery and publication of research on time and on budget.
  • A comprehensive teaching and training curriculum for clinical and commercial staff.
  • Publication support and peer review of research articles.
  • A self-sustaining business unit hosted by an NHS Foundation Trust with robust governanceĀ  arrangements.
  • Statistical support, clinical & health psychologists, health economists and specialists in trial design as required.

SACC is supported by a dedicated management and administrative team which includes trial management, data analysis, legal and financial input and information technology.